Friday, February 6, 2009

Bob and Maureen's first week at Spanish School, Antigua, Guatemala

Hola! Bob and I are settled into our host home in Antigua. The family is a stay at home mom, a working dad and 2 girls, ages 12 and 11. They have a simple but clean home, with a washer and dryer, which are luxuries, by Guatemalan standards. There are 2 other college aged students from Germany also in the home. They have finished their language school and one is staying an extra 6 months to volunteer and the other one is going to go to Guatemalan university. We are expecting another student this weekend.
Many of you know Carolyn Carpino, and we were able to go to Iglesia del Camino(church of the road) with her and toured around Antigua. We were sad to see her leave because we enjoyed being with her and she helped us with our Espanol.
Our routine is starting to look like this: school in the morning, then study in the afternoon or school sponsored trip. After dinner, it's the gym or a short study session. On Saturday's it's a trip somewhere.
The pics are 1) Del Camino Church 2) Ceramic signage 3) Bob and Maureen at school 3) Store front 4) Carolyn, Bob and Maureen 5)View of Antigua from a park