Friday, February 13, 2009

Fin de semana-it´s the weekend!

Pics are 1-View of Augua Volcano from McDonalds 2-Pacific Ocean 3-Pacaya Volcano
We don´t have meals on Sunday at our host home, so Bob wanted to go to McDonalds for breakfast before church, so we did and there was such a surprise with a beautiful view and garden. It ended up being our afternoon study spot for a few times that week. It also has free internet.
Monterrico is a beach village with an awesome black sand beach. The beach reminds of the scene from the end of a novel or movie. The village is small and rural with farm animals in the street-resident pigs, chickens, dogs, horses and ducks.
We have been to two different churches, one catering to Americans and relief workers with some Guatemalans. The other one was mainly Guatemalans, with a few missionaries. This weekend and next weekend, we may be traveling.
There are quite a few volunteers here. Many go to language school for a while, and then stay on to volunteer. The need is overwhelming. Bob and I are going to a malnutrition center and stopped by the hospital, which also has an orphanage. We may also be helping with an environmental project with the Mayans.
School is going well and we are learning first hand that it is much easier to read and write Spanish than to hear and speak the language, but we are trying. We have been on a few field trips-to the Macadamian Nut Farm and on a hike up to the Pacaya Volcano. There are around 20 students, and we have one on one teaching. The students are mostly from Europe and England, with Bob and I and one other American.